Charlotte Pinnington | About
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I am a marketing and production specialist for the live entertainment industry. I have been since 2006.
I am not an agency. I am definitely not a “boutique agency”. I’m a one woman band, cutting out the bullshit that agencies spew up, helping you to tackle the industry I know inside out, back to front.
I’m a fiercely independent creative. I’ve delivered bold, unconventional campaigns and produced some extraordinary events for some of the biggest household names. I’m very proud of what I have done previously and the hands-on approach I have with clients (heh heh). I can offer a level of dynamism, energy, experience and honesty that I believe is unparalleled within the industry. I work with people who I genuinely feel passionate about, and I never bite off more that I can chew, meaning my clients aren’t ever in competition with each other, and you’re getting the service you want.
My career started in the live entertainment & event production in the mid ’00s (after a stint in football marketing)  I’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the country’s biggest comedians, musicians and arseholes