Charlotte Pinnington | Services
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What I do.

Big, arresting one off live events to more intimate tours (or big, arresting tours… whatever), the service is the same. Promotions should be expansive.
I can create an ad campaign from scratch, build you a website, promote your tour & sell them out. The trick is that you need to make your audience believe you want to get them into bed (don’t take that literally, yes, I’m looking at you…) through design, print, PR opportunities and mostly enthusiasm.
  • murder the mediocre

    Be a part of what really interest people. Standing out takes balls, creating demand means getting noticed. Your audience would like to, but aren't necessarily expecting to hear from you. I specialise in the implementation of marketing/PR campaigns for comedians, musicians, festivals and cultural projects across the UK. I'm skilled at working closely with agents and managers, producers, sponsorship teams, other marketeers and ops staff to deliver your audience.

  • intelligen t misbehaviou r

    Your website needs to be more than a replacement for a listings guide. It needs to be a slap in the face for the reader. And sexy, it needs to be a bit sexy. I can do that. Perfectly tech-savy, first rate at targeted online advertising, SEO, direct emails (urghhh), too. A perfect balance of cross platform promotion to the UK media and beyond.

  • no place for ambiguity

    More strings to my bow? Yes, many many more. I have great, long standing links with some of the largest & some of the more bespoke ticketing platforms. Show management - Yes I know my way around a lighting rig, and a sound desk, I can even plug a DI box in, if pressed. Planning, logistics etc, I quite like getting my hands dirty.

I could talk to you about UX experience, models and forecasting, forecasting and analysis but I’m not a dick and don’t want either of us to die of boredom. However, here is a slightly more in-depth list of services that I can offer. 
Global Media Outreach | Digital Strategy | Media Reputation & Crisis Management |Media Planning & Buying | Partnerships & Promotions | Ticketing, Sales & Revenue Management | Print Production | Media Monitoring | Touring Marketing Design & Branding | Content Creation | Websites | Market Research | SEO | Distribution | Sponsorship/Income Generation